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Please call for SEASONAL HOURS

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We have locally-made souvenirs including Palmer Lake Mugs, Post Cards, Hand Crafted Angels, Purses, Photographs, Water Color Paintings, Soaps.  Also, look for our own Palmer Lake Star Ornaments!


Palmer Lake Events

There are many events scheduled throughout the year!  

Please check out our Facebook page, the Town of Palmer Lake Website, or the Tri-lakes Chamber of Commerce Website for the latest event information!


Palmer Lake Yule Log Hunt
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With red and green capes flying, hundreds of children and adults dash into the snowy woods near Palmer Lake, Colorado, scrambling up and down slippery slopes and laughing as they search beneath evergreen boughs and bushes for the town’s hidden Yule log.

Within 15 minutes, whoops and shouts of “over here” rise from a ravine where three boys stand victoriously over the treasure-an 8-foot-long pine log that has been notched and tied with a red ribbon.

Amid cheers and high-fives, the winner and friends straddle the Yule log for their victory ride into town. Other hunting party members attach two long ropes to the log and drag it a quarter-mile back to Town Hall, stopping frequently so other riders can hop aboard.

The December tradition is cherished in Palmer Lake, where the same two-man saw that cut the town’s first Yule log in 1933 is used today. Hunters saw the log in two and save half to start the following year’s ceremonial fire. The other half is carried into Town Hall and set ablaze in the stone fireplace built by Palmer Lake’s volunteer firemen in 1936 strictly for the annual celebration.